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JREC had managed to open five primary schools and one secondary school in Malaysia to provide better education for Rohingya refugees children.

In addition to intellectual development, a jointly project by Asian Football Federation (AFC), UNHCR and JREC was organised for our students to enhance their footballing skills.

Despite having such skills, they are also exposed to learn sewing in a vocational programme we organised.

Teacher Compensation Program (TCP)

The teacher compensation program and the teacher bonus is thus established to relieve the community of the burden and pressure of insufficient and often irregular funding that often cause teachers to quit the CLCs. The management and monitoring component of the teacher under this program also ensures that the CLCs offer quality education taught by trained teachers to the most vulnerable populations and allows for provision of capacity building training covering various aspects of teaching, and administration on an on-going basis.

Work Preparedness Workshop (WPW)

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Following Malaysian Cabinet decision to allow 300 UNHCR registered ethnic Rohingya refugees to legally work in the plantation and manufacturing sectors, JREC had initiated a conception of the Work Preparedness Workshop (WPW). On July 2018, JREC was identified as a UNHCR partner to conduct the workshops.

The success of WPW has prompted an expansion of the project planned in 2019 which will include more relevant topics to empower them.