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Closing Deadline: 20th December 2021, 12:00pm.

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This newsletter provides general information about activities in Rohingya Education Centers (REC) all over Malaysia for the year 2018.

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This newsletter provides general information about activities in Rohingya Education Centers (REC) all over Malaysia from January until September 2017.

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This is the message for refugee communities (thanks to various parties in Penang for this initiative) for the understanding on the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

The following message is prepared in English, Malay and Burmese languages.

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UNHCR and Qualitas have worked closely together for the past few years. Qualitas provide discounted care to Persons of Concern, including those who are undocumented. Treatment should be accessible provided the Person of Concern has some form of identification – this could be from their country of origin, UNHCR documents, a community card, or really any other document that confirms their name and basic details.

Last year Qualitas increased their basic consultation fee from RM35 to RM45. However, as this proved unaffordable for refugees they have since decreased the basic consultation fee back to RM35.

All Rohingya refugees are encouraged to visit a Qualitas clinic if they are having trouble accessing other clinics close to their place of residence.

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Click here for list of Qualitas clinics for our REC students and families:

Following an internal review of this naming policy, and in consultation with the Government of Malaysia, the UNHCR Office will still cease to use the terms ‘bin’ and ‘binti’ on UNHCR documentation. However, moving forwards the name of the individual’s father will be retained on UNHCR documentation.

This practice has taken effect since the 16/09/2019.

Individuals who approached UNHCR between the 02/08/2019 and the 15/09/2019 and have had their father’s name removed from their UNHCR documented will be contacted by UNHCR in early 2020 to have their documentation changed accordingly to include their father’s name.’

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Oral contraceptives can be obtained through Qualitas Clinics and Buddhist Tzu-Chi Pudu Clinic. This will also provide an opportunity for basic consultation with medical staff.

Buddhist Tzu-Chi also offer free Intrauterine Devices (IUDs). Persons of Concern interested in this will need to see a doctor at the Tzu-Chi Clinic anytime during weekday opening hours. They will be assessed and an appointment made for them to receive the IUD.

Please refer the following document for the:

a) Fixed fees for refugees at Qualitas Clinics : Click here to download (2MB)

b) Health Directory: Click here to download (4MB)


URGENT: ONE (1) English and Science Teacher for each primary school at REC Klang and REC Kuantan is needed. Requirements:
  • Minimum diploma in Early Childhood or related fields.
  • Malaysian citizen aged between 23 to 35 years old.
  • Possess passion in teaching.
  • Able to assist in adhoc matters and able to work extra time.
  • Posses high integrity, responsible, determined, team-oriented, independent and positive thinking.
Apply now! Send your application to jrec.hradm@gmail.com.
Closing Deadline:
28th September 2021

This document is the current organizational chart for the management of JREC in 2019.

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This profile was updated on17th Oct. 2019.

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