Chairman's Note


I am very happy to note that JREC has managed to get through the introductory stage of the establishment of Rohingya Education Centres (RECs). Without doubt we had undergone many challenges, but we managed to overcome it with a strong team of teachers, coordinators and administrators that work cohesively as a team. Naturally we are entering the second stage of JREC development, to upgrade the quality of education and improving the professionalism of teachers. We believe that if we are successful in doing these two things, the vision of creating a New Rohingya Generation that is knowledgeable, skilful and empowered will become a reality.

We wish to express our profound gratitude to our partners, in particular UNHCR, WADAH, ABIM, MAIS and Zakat Pulau Pinang (ZPP) for generously providing us with the necessary funds  and other resources for the running of our schools.

Lastly, with the addition of our fifth REC in Kuala Terengganu, we are confident that with our experience we are able to make education accessible to all Rohingya communities in the country.


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